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„ZUFRIEDEN“: Tenants magazine of the building cooperative FRIEDEN

Twice a year, Putz & Stingl creates an exciting magazine for the members and tenants of the building cooperative FRIEDEN and SCHOENERE ZUKUNFT.

The latest issue of the magazine, published in December 2019, provided interesting information about current construction projects, developing projects as well as an overview of vacant apartments and properties. “The magazine is not only about informing the tenants and cooperative members about current projects, but also offers a lot of service topics which add to the value of the publication. Additionally, tenant portraits provide insights into everyday life and tell behind the scenes stories in a very entertaining way,” comments Project Manager Katharina Deitzer.

Putz & Stingl not only created the editorial concept of the publication, but also implemented the layout and artwork of the magazine and took care of the proof reading and editing. The development process of the publication generally starts with the very first editorial meeting and ends with the final print approval, which usually takes up to eight weeks.

Putz & Stingl and FRIEDEN have a long history of cooperation. As one of the very first PR & Media clients of the agency, numerous projects have been implemented over the last years.

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