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Public relations comprises more than traditional press releases. A wide-ranging communications tool, PR is an essential part of every corporate strategy and goes hand-in-hand with marketing and advertising efforts of all kinds. We are accomplished wordsmiths who see the big picture when it comes to exciting media events, advertising copy, print ads and much more. From developing a communications strategy to international media planning, we implement the ideal communications activities for each individual client. In our work with many clients in industrial sectors, we consistently demonstrate our understanding of specialised topics, and we are able to draft interesting, easy-to-follow technical information.

We are also one of the few agencies in Austria who offer audio PR. Professionally produced audio content supplements traditional media relations, conveying expertise at the same time as expanding the reach of a media release with authentic recorded quotes.

Greenbox-Studios for hybrid events
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Greenbox technologies offer new ways for the production of professional online events. Whether it is a press conference, product presentation or employee event, events of all kind can be easily and cost-efficiently implemented in the new Greenbox-Studios.

The flexible packages of the studio include much more than the just the production and streaming of events: From onsite consulting with highly trained AV professionals and media training for the optimal appearance in front of the camera to the digital distribution on renowned media platforms, a modular service portfolio is provided for all events. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience, new possibilities for the virtual production and communication of messages are created.

Press releases
PR & Media 4

The press release is a trusted public relations instrument for distributing company-related announcements and news. Information is conveyed in an appealing text and sent out by email to a company-specific list of journalists. The aim of a press release is to attract the attention of journalists to a specific topic and to the company, so that they will then write about the topic and publish their reports in print and online. Companies profit from a range of resulting benefits, including greater reach, increased awareness and a stronger image.

Media events & press kits
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A skilfully stage-managed media event provides the opportunity to put the spotlight on a current topic. Invited journalists can experience new developments first-hand. In addition to an interesting side programme, the location, time and duration need to be just right, while an exciting proposition that adds value for the media is also important.

Press kits bundle together all of the relevant information about the company. Media events can be implemented in a variety of ways, from press conferences and bigger events to providing key information which can include content such as a company’s history, corporate strategy, key indicators, and product and service ranges. An important consideration is to adapt the press kit to the purpose of the event, and to make eye-catching images available.

Audio PR
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PR specifically for radio? Yes, that’s possible! Therefore, expert statements are distributed to all radio stations in Austria with Audio-PR. This supports the reporting in the editorial environment of the radio stations. The important thing here is to adapt the content and length to the target group of the company AND the radio station, because not every topic is suitable for Audio-PR. While an editor can shorten a press release and take out relevant parts of the text, Audio-PR is played unchanged, as long as it is interesting and relevant to the radio editor. Nevertheless, pre-production pays off! If desired, podcast & soundbites for social media can also be produced!

By the way: We are one of the few agencies in Austria that offer Audio-PR.

Media planning

PR & Media 7

Successful media planning is a core element of any advertising strategy. The aim is to reach target groups using various kinds of advertising in selected media. The defined purpose – promoting a brand, a specific product, a service or a campaign – is supplementary to this. Specifying a budget and time period plays a major role in media planning. Based on these parameters, media are selected that correspond with the company’s specifications in terms of content and target group. In print media, ads are often booked, as well as advertorials – articles created in line with the style of the publication in question. Online media offer many more possibilities. A frequently used form of online advertising is the banner ad. An advantage is the ability to measure the success of campaigns in figures, pretty much in real time. Alongside traditional print and online advertising, media planning includes outdoor advertising in public places. From billboards to public transport, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Printed materials

PR & Media 8

With our intuitive feel for good stories, we put together custom printed materials – be it brochures, newspapers, magazines or commemorative publications – creatively and professionally, making content stand out. From the initial idea through to printing, we can handle all of the services required. Text is drafted in a process that involves close coordination with the client, based on a precise editorial or project plan, which includes thorough correction and editing. Graphic design uses visual elements to bring the text to life. The design process begins with the definition of a graphical concept and choosing the ideal layout and ends with a professional handover of the finished design to the selected printer.

What our clients have to say

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“In next to no time Putz & Stingl managed to get to the heart of even the most complex interconnections in our communications.”

DI Gerald Lackner
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