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Marketing is many things, but above all it’s versatile. Since marketing is focused on customers, it is part of every company’s basic philosophy. It is also an umbrella term for all direct and indirect promotional activities, so it is closely associated with advertising and public relations measures. As a full-service agency, we handle various aspects of marketing in our daily work – both for events and PR – and offer our clients an extensive toolbox of different marketing instruments. Creative marketing campaigns are just as much a part of our standard repertoire as online and social media marketing. Irrespective of the target group and medium, and the method of implementation, ongoing strategic planning and follow-up evaluation are both vital in marketing campaigns, so that conclusions can be drawn regarding the campaign’s success.

Social Media Marketing
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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok? Finding the right social media channel can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. From identifying suitable channels to setting up your company pages or creating content for events, campaigns, or brand awareness – we take care of your presence in social media in a holistic manner. For a long-term, smooth cooperation, we rely on a dynamic content plan to integrate content and postings into your company’s marketing strategy over a longer period. With an overarching presence on various platforms, we also ensure that your content is tailored to the target group and the right hashtags are used, to make sure your messages hit the mark. If desired, we can provide additional reach with advertisements and the right targeting.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content is King! Content marketing reaches a company’s target groups with a mix of information and entertainment, winning them over with high-quality, convincing content and unmistakeable added value. Advertising messages take a back seat. Content marketing can include blog articles, podcasts, videos, studies and press releases.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

Online marketing has become an important marketing discipline. Paid, owned and earned media are the three main categories of content in the online world. Good online marketing is made up of an expert mix of all three. Paid media comprises every form of paid advertising on the internet – from online banners to social media ads on Facebook, Instagram and other channels. Owned media covers all of a company’s own online channels, like corporate websites, blogs, newsletters and social media accounts. Together, paid media and owned media can result in earned media – independent distribution of the company’s content by users. Targeted content marketing, PR and search engine optimisation are useful tools for distributing high-quality, relevant and interesting content.


What our clients have to say

Lux en 1

“Social media activities require creativity and the sense to formulate pointed messages. There is no second chance for the first impression!
The expertise and support of Putz & Stingl shows how a partnership on an equal footing works and what is possible when you work with professionals.”

Michael Koss
Marketing/BI Manager
Lux Österreich GmbH

Ritter Sport en 2

“A brilliant idea, perfectly executed. The Putz & Stingl team has succeeded in getting the most out of Ritter Sport’s marketing with their professional approach.”

Mag. Wolfgang Stöhr
Ritter Sport Österreich
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