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Grafic Design & Video

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We have an eye for that special something. From photo retouching to 3D visualisations or developing a new corporate identity, we offer a broad range of visual design services, which of course includes designing and producing videos. We focus on creativity, impact and distinctiveness – the essential requirements of every piece of creative work. In tandem with your company’s identity and philosophy, and the brand, this results in strong recognition.

Advertising & print materials
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Advertising materials convey an advertising message to the target audience using a diverse range of methods. They include billboards, print ads and flyers as well as promotional giveaways. The top priority is professional graphic design with a consistent look, in the style of the company and its advertising strategy or the related campaign.

3D visualisation
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3D visualisations allow two-dimensional data to be presented in three dimensions. The technique is used in a range of different industries. From product development and configuration to plans and designs, it enables creation of true-to-life visualisations. 3D visualisation is used in industrial production to reduce costs, while in configuration and design the entertainment factor plays a major role.

Picture editing & retouching
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Photo and image retouching requires a delicate touch and a trained eye. It involves precise adaptation and optimisation of existing images. In photo editing, faults that occurred when the picture was taken – such as over or under-lighting, a lack of contrast or red eyes – are corrected. Together, photo editing and retouching are an essential tool to help companies to make a professional visual impact.

Video design and production
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From product and corporate videos to dynamic commercials – videos that are appealing and tailored to their target audience stand out for being entertaining and informative. A well-made storyboard and video concept are crucial to a video’s success. Targeted placement online and on TV adds value to a form of advertising that can have a broad-based impact.

What our clients have to say

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“The all-round service package won us over. Putz & Stingl did a perfect job on the promotional design of our facade, from the drafts to obtaining legal and traffic-related approvals from public authorities, right through to the execution.“

DI Stefan Krejca
Managing Director
STILL Österreich
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