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Audio PR for the Austria Communication Day – How to argue right!

How should we react to hate on the net and the current divisions in society? When do we need clear boundaries and how can we build bridges? Before the Austrian Communication Day, organised by the PRVA, Putz & Stingl conducted interviews around these questions and distributed them as an acoustic press release.

The aim was to draw attention to the annual Austrian Communication Day of the Public Relations Association Austria (PRVA). This year’s focus: “Taking a stand and building bridges: What communication must achieve for society”. In their talks with Putz & Stingl speakers such as bestselling author Hasnain Kazim, Author & Publicist Matthias Strolz and PRVA President Karin Wiesinger gave numerous tips on how to argue „smart“ and deal appropriately with hate postings. The final audio statements were sent to all radio editorial offices in Austria before the Austrian Communication Day for the free creation of radio reports. Editors and radio journalists thus save time and work and can create stories with real listener benefits on the radio in an interesting way and illustrate them well.

The spots can be listened to at: Austria Communication Day

Photo Credit: Putz & Stingl

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