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Acoustic press release & infomercial for the initiative “Unternehmen Zukunft”

3 out of 4 Austrians would like to see improvements in the home office – this was the result of a survey conducted by the Unternehmen Zukunft association. In cooperation with Putz & Stingl, the study results were distributed to radio editorial offices throughout the country, thus giving the study media coverage.

Work laptop between plates and children, jerky images during video calls: 3 out of 4 Austrians wish for improvements in the home office – we heard from Sophie Karmasin and the Unternehmen Zukunft association on Austrian radio! The Unternehmen Zukunft association distributed the results of its new home office survey to radio newsrooms across the country with an acoustic press release from Putz & Stingl Audio PR, among others. In the process, journalists receive audio statements from various protagonists to freely shape their radio report. This saves editorial offices time and work and helps to make stories on the radio interesting and well illustrated.

In order to lend weight to its demands for better general conditions for home offices, the Unternehmen Zukunft initiative also focused on fixed placement in the radio program. The study results were presented to radio listeners throughout Austria in short info spots as infomercials. A total of three different short contributions were able to make themselves heard in the broadcasting program. The info offensive of Unternehmen Zukunft already showed success: Government and social partners agreed recently already on first basic conditions for working from at home.

The spots can be listened to at


Photo Credit: Putz & Stingl

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